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Innovative Communities
Timothy Saylor, P.E.
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Innovative Communities is a real estate development company specializing in the creation of sustainable traditional neighborhoods. Their triple bottom line mission is to build neighborhoods that improve the quality of people’s lives.

The company’s core values speak to its mission by focusing on community, wellness, environmental stewardship, innovation, and partnership. Innovative Communities always looks for ways to “do it better.” Their “outside the box” methods help solve complex challenges and strive to improve the environment for future generations.

Tim Saylor Craftsman VillageIncorporating the planning and design principles of new urbanism into his projects, company President Tim Saylor creates neighborhoods that are compact, walkable and mixed use. Coupled with sustainable design methods, his projects also help to restore, enhance, and improve the environment.

Tim is a visionary third generation developer with a passion for helping others interested in building great neighborhoods of their own. If you would like to discuss consulting services from Innovative Communities, please email Tim or call 574-536-4048.